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Game in Hand Classics: Retro Games at their Best!

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Many games in my collection are now available to purchase. If you are interested in any, send me an email.

My site is about retro games at their very best with a strong emphasis on the electronic handheld and tabletop games from the 1970's through the 1990's. Plus a few surprises along the way to be sure.

Hello fellow collectors of retro, vintage, electronic games from the past like the highly desirable Nintendo Game and Watch Games, cool handhelds and tabletops from manufacturers like Bandai, Casio, Coleco, Epoch, Entex, Gakken, Mattel, and Tomy to name a few.

My name is Rich and I truly enjoy collecting these great retro games. I presently have some 850+ electronic handheld and tabletop games in my collection not including doubles and some arcade video games, game systems, cool retro toys, and a bit more like tin toys, robots and Wizard of Oz autographed items.

My goal in putting this site together is to keep electronic retro gaming alive, and to share with you many pictures from my personal collection of these electronic (and some mechanical too!) wonders of the past. I had planned on keeping this site fresh and interesting by adding new sections from time to time but unfortunately that hasn't been done in quite some time. Hopefully, I will get around to this sometime in 2014. This site will feature many pictures of most games, toys and other collectables in my collection. For more detailed information, visit some of the fine sites on my linking page.

Retro Electronic Handheld and Tabletop Games

If you're looking for classic retro games from other countries then we suggest you take a visit to Piramind.com over in Germany. It's got a large list of flash games.

Why does the appeal of some items fade and the others stay the same or even grow over time? Retro electronic hand-held and tabletop games for many have increased in popularity. There are of course many reasons for this. For many its an attempt to keep the magic of their youth around, for others its the nostalgic feel that modern games just don`t have the same charm and magic that those they cut their teeth on did. Sequels on more modern systems have managed to reinforce this view, with many not reaching the standards of previous iterations, often by changing what made the original game special.

Many of the games were made available in other forms of course, both arcade games and early console games have made it into purpose built one game, or compilation hand-held systems. Many of the systems are rare these days even in non-working condition and often lack the charm, or in the case of arcade games just plain impractical for most to house a collection of more than a couple and more space just adds to the already potentially expensive collections.

While there is a place for tombola Bingo online it is not the same as retro games. There is thankfully space in this world for both.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at retroplaces@gmail.com and I will normally get back to you within 48 hours. For additional details on this site's content please read below.

Again welcome, and I hope you enjoy:

Game In Hand Classics!

Here's what this Site is all About: (Click on Icon to take you there)

  • Some Cool, Retro HandHeld and TableTop Games Now Available for SALE or TRADE
  • Sites MAIN section features listings and pictures of My Complete Gaming Collection
  • A Listing, Complete with Pictures, of My Top 101 Favorite Retro Handheld, Tabletop and (?) Games.
  • My Complete 61/61 Nintendo G&W Collection including the Competition Super Mario Brothers!
  • Other Classic HandHeld and TableTop Games by Bandai, Epoch, Gakken, Mattel, Tiger, Tomy etc.
  • My CrAzY cLiMbEr Collection including the Arcade Cocktail Game plus much, much more!
  • Check out these Cool, Colorful Game Boxes (Some better than the actual game!)
  • (6) Picture Galleries: Of Every Section Listed Above.
  • My Wish List: Please Email Me if you have Any of These for Sale or Trade (Or Others that I don't have).
  • My Wizard of Oz Collection Featuring Autographed Photos, Original Lobby Cards and more.
  • Visit These other Cool, Retro Gaming Sites-You'll be glad you did.......
  • History - Here's where the older, "what's new" news will eventually wind up!
  • What's New? Could be anything from New Game Finds to ???
  • New Finds: Outrun Tabletop Game by Tiger/Grandstand

    Please Come Back Again and Thanks for Stopping by!

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